Dai Hong Phat Ceramics, a private company, was officially established and activated in 1998. Our goods reach the highest of standards and receive praise for our quality and designs. Surpassing the rules of competition and development, our company has gradually carved its brand into the minds of customers in spite of the many different ceramic companies in Vietnam.

To achieve such status, Dai Hong Phat has put forth an immense amount of effort, especially considering the economic integration trends of the present day economy. Our yearly increasing turnover shows that Dai Hong Phat is making a name for itself in the ceramic world. Dai Hong Phat increased sales by 30% from 2004 to 2005. From having 200 employees in the first days of production to now over 1,000 employees. Dai Hong Phat’s ceramic products have also been displayed in domestic and international exhibitions and have gained prestige and respect from customers around the world..

All production processes are well-equipped with modern tools and produced by qualified and skillful craftsmen. Our creative expert team is responsible for plentiful and sophisticated products, which have been accepted by the international market and its customers.
Dai Hong Phat’s tableware, plant pots, vases, promotional items, cups, teapots, and kitchenware are a few examples of the products that are primarily consumed in the European markets. Dai Hong Phat also sells globally from America to Australia. You can find our products in the world’s best known retail and department stores. To improve efficiency for our customers, Dai Hong Phat only produces on a yearly contractual basis . We guarantee a firm place in the international market by asserting that “Quality is first”. In addition to our credo, we also offer a very competitive price. We keep in mind that strategy and power in marketing our brand are essential in the international market.

In a world with such a competitive atmosphere, it is not easy for a company to make its mark on the international scene and keep its prestige in the domestic market. When faced with the difficult task of providing the highest of quality and service to an incredibly demanding international market, Dai Hong Phat has gained the trust and favoritism of many international companies with one exceptional ceramic piece at a time.…